La Belle Epoque Jewels

One thing that I really love to do is to write about new and upcoming designers and labels in the making that are going to be epic! La Belle Epoque Jewels is one of them; she’s a graduate gemologist that specializes in searching the worlds best unique embellishments and pieces. From the 1915 liberation the Art Deco, 1935 introducing the bright colors and geometric styles and the retro of the 40’s. Carrie Ryan the master behind La Belle Epoque is an Australian which moved all the way to Dubai to experience something new, “I love Australia and am incredibly patriotic but I wanted to experience more, put myself out of my comfort zone, try something new and challenging, live in completely different culture and hopefully learn a new language (ashamedly I’m still working on that). It all happened quite quickly one day I said I’m going to Dubai and next thing I know I’m here.” Carrie to YOU magazine.


The name, Le Belle Epoque, or The Beautiful Era came from the 1985 to 1914 which was known for its prosperity and luxurious lifestyle era. The jewelry was the most elegant and very delicate. “For me this was the most poignant name choice – while I deal in jewels from all periods, I try to acquire those of which are the most elegant or representative of the time in which they were created,” explained Carrie.
Carrie can do private viewings of her jewelry for individuals and small groups when requested. I really adored the pieces, I mean who wouldn’t want a piece of jewelry. 

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